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Transforming Educational Support In The City


The Peak events were only the beginning of developing deeper relationships with the families in Sham Shui Po. On October 5th, Hope of the City launched a pilot program to provide specialised English language courses to low-income students in Sham Shui Po. The program was created to address the need articulated by numerous service organisations. Children from low-income families do not have the resources to allow them to truly excel in Hong Kongʼs public schools. Without targeted support, these children are quickly deprived of the opportunity to pursue higher-level education and become trapped in a cycle of “educational poverty.” They begin to doubt their own abilities and become defeated.

Executive Communications Education Centre came forward and helped recruit two English tutors with Masterʼs degrees who are fluent in both English and Chinese. They will be leading classes of students ranging from P1-P6 that were identified as “low-income” by the YWCA in Sham Shui Po. Each of the courses willrun for a four-month period with assessments at the beginning and the end to measure the studentsʼ progress. GeneroCity, a philanthropic project to assist low-income families, has graciously sponsored the courses for the first sixteen students.

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Outings to The Peak

120901 Peak_70.JPG

Many of the children from Sham Shui Po have never had the opportunity to leave their district and see other areas of Hong Kong. In an effort to reach out to the SSP community, Hope of the City joined with Yan Kei Church to host “day outings” to Victoria Peak on July 2nd and September 1st for low-income families. During these outings, over 100 incredible volunteers were paired up with a family or a small group of individuals that they specifically cared for during the event. Participants had the chance to hike around the Peak, share a McDonaldʼs meal at the Galleria, and take family photos in front of the Old Peak Tram.

It was encouraging to witness the smiles on the childrenʼs faces as they saw the Hong Kong skyline from a new angle and engaged in meaningful conversations with one another.

Pastor Paulinda from Yan Kei Church shared that the families were incredibly moved by the kindness of the volunteers and kept recounting stories during the bus rides back home. Our hope is that volunteers will conduct home visits to the families on a more regular basis and send an even deeper message of love.

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