Community Centre Partnership

Scheduled Grand Opening: October 27, 2013

Hope of the City is partnering with a local charity called J-Life Foundation to operate a community centre serving 100 low-income families in Sham Shui Po. This centre is a base to assist children who lack educational support and need guidance from positive role models. We also recognize the needs of parents and are seeking to provide support groups, Christian counseling and parenting workshops. 

Aims & Objectives

  • Establish a physical presence to be effective in the community and build trust
  • Serve as a safe harbour for children from disadvantaged backgrounds
  • Organise weekly English tutoring courses and afterschool homework help
  • Promote basic hygiene and nutrition for families 
  • Offer counseling and support groups for mothers
  • Function as a distribution point for "recycled food items" - excess bread, milk, rice, etc..  


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Why Sham Shui Po?

In seeking to address poverty in Hong Kong, Hope of the City has selected Sham Shui Po as our "target community" for spiritual, relational and material impact. Sham Shui Po is a densely populated area where many low-income families/elderly live in partitioned flats and struggle with food prices. It was identified as one of Hong Kong's poorest districts by the Census & Statistics Department and a survey conducted in January 2012 showed that 76% of residents lack secondary school education. 

Hope of the City has mapped out the "L-Corridor" as our service boundary lines within the district. The majority of our partner organisations are situated within these streets and serve the families who falls between the "cracks" in the social welfare system. 


L- Corridor in Sham Shui Po

L- Corridor in Sham Shui Po